Response to Third Party Oppositions

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Reasons why a Third party might object to your trademark application:

  • Likelihood of confusion:

    The third party may believe that the proposed trademark is too similar to an existing trademark that they own, which could lead to confusion among consumers.

  • Infringement of existing rights:

    The third party may believe that the proposed trademark infringes on their existing trademark or other intellectual property rights.

  • Deceptiveness:

    The third party may believe that the proposed trademark is misleading or deceives consumers in some way.

Why were you issued an opposition?


Comprehensively examine and evaluate the office action in order to detect any potential weaknesses in the examiner's argument.


Crafting an action plan to counter the office action, such as identifying any potential legal arguments and evidence that may be used to counter the examiner's issues.

Draft Response

After critically strategizing and reviewing all potential outcomes, carefully draft a response to the office action or opposition and file it.

Virtual Representation

Providing you the best representation in any required telephone conferences to find a viable solution for the opposition.

Dispute Resolution

Providing advice on any potential settlement options or alternative dispute resolution methods to ensure your case is resolved in the most effective manner.


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The team at Global Trademark Company is really professional. They always out-perform and go above and beyond. Never fail my expectations and I will strongly recommend them to anyone looking for any legal contractual matters. Thanks team!

Lincoln Lin

The team at Global Trademark Company is AMAZING. They helped me tremendously with all the law-stuff I need for my business. They are very patient and kind in walking me through what I need, and what needs to be done. I highly recommend them :) Cheers!

Darius tay

They are truly experienced and knowledgeable group of legal experts, if you need to get your corporate legal work or legal research work, they are the go to people.

Saman Bandara

It has been extremely pleasant to work with them. They're very reactive, kind and professional. I will keep working with them and recommend their service to anyone!

Samuele Bennici

I've been working with the team at Global Trademark Company for over a year now and I have only good things to say about my experience with the whole team. They wrote Terms and conditions, privacy policy, and many other contracts for my online market place based in the US.

Louis Racicot

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