• Trademark Registration Information Form

    Privacy Policy: The information will only be accessible to the trademark attorney duty bound to keep all information confidential. The information will only be used for the purpose of trademark filing and will be deleted from our database permanently once the filing process is completed unless the Client agrees to avail further services.
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    Please add your details so that we can reach out to you if we need anything regarding your application. NOTE: This is not owner information, it is just the information of the person filling this form.
    • Section 1: Trademark Information
    • Trademark Information

      Please tell us about your brand and requirements.
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    • Section 2: Ownership Information
    • Ownership Information

      Who will own this brand/trademark?
    • Section 3: Goods & Services Information
    • What do you sell (products and/or services)?

      Tell us about the products or services which you will sell under the brand name.
    • NOTE: Vague and broad descriptions of product categories are typically not acceptable.
      EXAMPLES NOT ACCEPTABLE (too broad): home products, kitchen products, and party supplies.
      EXAMPLES ACCEPTABLE: microwave ovens, balloons, freezers, tablet computers, mobile phones, case for mobile phones

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